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Seeding the world, for over 40 years.

With worldwide sales and distribution through both a direct sales force as well as dealer-distributors, S&W Seed Company is dedicated to providing the world’s farmers with the very best seed varieties and hybrids to maximize their yields and profits, while providing products for peak performance around the world, just as they have for nearly 40 years.

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Meeting the demand

Sorghum is a high yielding, nutrient-efficient and drought tolerant crop that can be cultivated on over 80% of the world’s agricultural land. Forage & grain sorghum’s unique characteristics allow farmers to meet the growing demands for sustainable food, feed, and biomass production while reducing the cost of inputs such as water. Its geographic distribution spans temperate to tropical climates, and its rich genetic diversity allows for multiple specialized uses.


Breeding for the future

For more than 35 years, we have bred alfalfa of the highest quality. Through the S&W Seed Company Global Alfalfa Breeding Program, we provide our customers with the latest seed innovations, industry-leading expertise, and advanced agronomic support.

Our specialty is high-yield alfalfa varieties with a wide range of adaptation across many growing environments. Our dormant alfalfa breeding emphasizes high yield and forage quality, developing hardy alfalfa varieties with plenty of resistance to disease and stress. Our non-dormant breeding program is focused on maximizing yield regardless of soil and water salinity.

S&W Seed Company is dedicated to helping our customers in optimizing their alfalfa production systems to obtain maximum yields and financial success. As with any crop production system, appropriate crop input management is important to the grower’s bottom line and we are here to help.

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Dedicated to your Potential 

We focus on innovative, market-driven products through our extensive research and development program. We are dedicated to optimising your varietal potential and minimising crop risk. 

Quality Assured Breeding Program

As part of our Quality Assured breeding program, all material is subjected to a stringent pest and disease resistance analysis. Thus ensuring that all our varieties have a high level of resistance to the major lucerne pest and diseases.

Alfalfa Breeding Program

The global alfalfa breeding program at S&W is heavily focused on producing forage varieties with market leading yields and quality in conjunction with high resistance across the pest and disease profiles. 

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